Monday, July 13, 2020

Covid Kindie: the MEGA-THREAD!!!

Hi y'all!

Sagan from the kids' music radio show Radio Active Kids here. On my show I play all sorts of independent kids' music, also known as "kindie." I'm extremely impressed by the kindie community's response to the covid-19 pandemic! Over the past two months, I've played more than SEVENTY brand new releases that have something to do with handwashing/hygiene, Covid-19, and helping to get through it all, together! I'm sure there are many more songs to come, but I now proudly present the MEGA-THREAD of new #CovidKindie (plus two awesome #WizardRock songs!), in alphabetical order! I've provided links to the songs on Playtime Playlist where applicable, and on other platforms when that's the only option. Enjoy--and please please please share widely!!! I'll be continually updating this list as more songs come out, so please check back regularly! 

Alcachofas Rebeldes - "Inmunidad Colectiva:" 

Zee Avi - "Make It Through:"

Ludo Bagman and the Trash - "Wizard Quarantine:"…/wizard-quarant…

Bella x Fifi (produced by Mista Cookie Jar) - "Facetiming Friends All Day:"

Laurie Berkner: "The Superhero Handwashing Song:"

La Bollito Band - "La Familia Corona:"…/la-bollit…/la-familia-corona/

Flor Bromley - "A Lavarse las manos / Wash Your Hands:" Unreleased, available on the April 18 Radio Active Kids podcast and through Handwash Jukebox!

Noam Brown - "I Wear a Mask:"

Aaron Burnham: Healthy Kids, Happy Kids EP:

Jessa Campbell & the Saplings - "Coronavirus Iris:"…/jessa-camp…/coronavirus-iris/

Chibi Kodama - "Beyond the Gray:"

The Cuddly Koalas - "Why Can't I?:"…/why-cant-i-the-cuddly-koalas

DJ Willy Wow - "Curbside DJ Slide:"

Doctor Noize - "Stay at Home," "Bunnies, Bunnies, Everywhere, " and "Get Away:"

Rushad Eggleston - "Borona Virus:"

Frances England - "Home (Where I Want to Be):"…/fra…/home-where-i-want-to-be/

Einstein's Monkey - Wash. EP:

EVT Kids - "Agua y Jabón" & "Lávate Las Manos:"

Farmer Jason - "Wash Up Your Hands!:"…/farmer-j…/wash-up-your-hands/

Emily Joy Goldberg and the Philadelphia Songwriter Community: Songs from the Inside album:…/songs-from-the-inside. This is not technically a kindie album, but all of the songs EXCEPT track 14 are appropriate for all ages!

Claudia Robin Gunn- "Virtual Hugs:" Unreleased--but you can hear it on the May 23, 2020 Radio Active Kids podcast!

The Happy Racers - "Wash Your Hands:"…/the-happy…/wash-your-hands-5/

Matt Heaton - "Who Wears Masks?:"

Paul Helou - "There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues):

Hey DUBY - Wash Your Hands EP:…/…/B0872PKB15/

Paul Hillebrand - "Doin' Our Part to Stop the Covid 19 Blues:"

Ingrid Hofer - "Lasst uns zusammenhalten:"

Hunktabunkta Music - "In Our Hands:"…/hunk-ta-bunk-ta-covid-19-a-reso…/

Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - "Do You Know How Long?:"

Randy Kaplan - "Hugs for My Family (Coronavirus Version):"…/hugs-for-my-family-coronavi…/. WARNING! This song was released very early in the pandemic, and contains misinformation about masks. Listen to it at your own risk.

Kindiana Jones (ft. Dog on FleasRatboy Jr.KB WhirlyKey Wilde & Mr ClarkeMo PhillipsLittle Miss Ann, Michael and the Rockness Monsters, & Mil's Trills) - "Virtual Hug:"

Little Miss Ann - "Stay at Home:"

Mamemo - "Cococoronavirus:"

Captain Festus McBoyle - "Bubble (The Lockdown Mix):"…/cap…/bubble-the-lockdown-mix/

John McCutcheon - Cabin Fever album: This is not technically a kindie album, but all the songs are appropriate for all ages EXCEPT track 18.

Derek McKinley - "Stay at Home / Wash Your Hands:"…/stay-at-home-wash-your-hands/

Mi Amigo Hamlet and Alina Celeste - "Wash Your Hands:"…/mi-amigo-…/wash-your-hands-4/

Michael & the Rockness Monsters - "Together:"

Mister G y José V - "Lavar Las Manos:"

Mister B's Buzz - "One Day at a Time:"

Muckemacher - "Chase Corona:"

Music with Michal: "Easter Bunny (Are You at Home Too?)," "Hand Washing Song," and "Superhero:"…/easter-bunny-are-you-at-hom…/…/music-wit…/hand-washing-song/…/music-with-mich…/superhero-4/

My Friend Christopher - "Watching Through a Window:"…/watching-through…

Nica Neulich - "Kleine Helden:"

Not a Wimp (Zak Engel and friends) - HANDS IN THE SINK album:

The Other Other Brothers - "One Body:"

Mariano Pose Pez al revés - "Chau bichito ¡Chau!:"

Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band - "All Cooped Up" from the An a Capella Family album: 

The Que Pastas - "How Things Really Are:"…/the-q…/how-things-really-are/

Erica Rabner Music - "Wash Your Hands"  and "Mask On:"…/erica-rab…/wash-your-hands-3/

Chip Richter - "Smile Behind My Mask:"

Die Rollenden Steinchen and All-Star Band - "Die Welt Steht Still (All-Star Version):"

Ben Rudnick and Friends - "Monster NO!:"

Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could - "Do the Five:"…/brady-rymer-and…/do-the-five/

Dirk Scheele - "Washing Hands" and "Handen Wassen:"…/dirk-scheele/washing-hands/

Silly Bus - "Heroes and Angels:"…/silly-bus/heroes-and-angels/

Sing Along Tim & the Pacifiers - "Hand-Washing Song:"…/hand-was…

Sing Along With Tony - "Coronavirus, Coronavirus:"

Ben Stiefel - "We Can Beat Covid-19:"

Stuart Stotts - "Put Your Mask On, Honey" and "Smiling With My Eyes:"

Teeny Tiny Stevies - "Good for Your Health" and "Stay at Home:"…/teeny-…/good-for-your-health/

Tiptoe Giants - "Sneeze, Cough, Hand Wash (The Hygiene Song):"…/sneeze-cough-hand-wash-the-…/

Totally Knuts - "20 Second Guidelines:"

Twinkle Time - "Together" and "Unidos:"

Trevor Walls (produced by Mista Cookie Jar) - "(Socially Distanced) Summer Anthem:" 

Steve Weeks: Bartleby Finkleton is Gonna Wash His Hands:"

Wendy & DB - "Home" from the Hey Big World album: 

Zuke & Lack - Smiling With My Eyes: Songs About Covid-19 Safety EP

And that's everything! There sure are some great songs on there. 

If I missed any releases, please feel free to comment below or email me at and I'll happily add them to the list! Thanx so much for reading and for supporting independent kids' music!

P.S. Songs for Teaching has also put together a list. It includes some older stuff as well as new music! Check it out here!

Covid Kindie: the MEGA-THREAD!!!

Hi y'all! Sagan from the kids' music radio show Radio Active Kids here. On my show I play all sorts of independent kids' music,...